Botox Treatments

Botox® is a minimally invasive treatment that is used to reduce the appearance of facial aging. The active product in Botox® is botulinum toxin, which blocks the neuromuscular junction, preventing, or decreasing muscle contraction. Therefore, this procedure is ideal for the areas of the face where wrinkles are caused by muscle contraction. The common areas for Botox® injections include horizontal forehead lines, vertical lines between the eyebrows, and the “crow’s feet” around the eyes. Botox® has proven to be a safe and effective form of nonsurgical facial rejuvenation. Botox® can also be used to treat facial asymmetry caused by Bell’s palsy, and other forms of facial paralysis.


The Procedure

This in office procedure typically takes around 5-10 minutes to perform, and has no significant down time. The patient can return to work and normal activities immediately following the procedure. There may be some mild bruising associated with the treatment. If this occurs, concealer may be used until the bruise resolves. The average patient in our practice receives 20-40 units of Botox®. A small needle is used for precise placement of the product. In the following days after the treatment, the product will take effect, relaxing the muscles, and slowly smoothing the wrinkles. The effects of Botox® typically last around 3-4 months.


The Recovery

In general, patients return to their normal activities immediately after the procedure. Patients should avoid strenuous activity, heavy exercise or rubbing/massaging the treated area for 24 hours.

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