Breast Lift

Mastopexy, also known as a breast lift, is a surgery used to reshape sagging breasts and bring the nipple and areola back up to a more youthful level. With age, weight loss, and after pregnancy and nursing, the skin becomes loose and inelastic, and the tissue becomes less firm and dense. In some patients, an augmentation may be performed simultaneously with a mastopexy in order to achieve optimal results. This is known as an augmentation mastopexy.

The Procedure

There are many different techniques that can be used while performing a mastopexy. These techniques vary based on the extent of sagging, or psosis, and the patient’s tissue qualities. A crescent mastopexy is used for patients with minimal ptosis, and creates a small scar at the top of the nipple areola complex. A concentric circle mastopexy can correct mild to moderate ptosis, and results in a circular scar around the areola. More extensive sagging of the breasts may require a vertical incision with or without an incision that runs along the inframammary fold, or breast crease. If the patient is a candidate for an augmentation mastopexy then an implant will be inserted into a pocket beneath the breast tissue or pectoralis muscle.

The Recovery

During the recovery period, the patient will have activity limitations in order to decrease the risk of postoperative complications. The patient will have a dressing in place and in many cases a surgical bra. There will be sutures in place that require suture removal. Postoperative medications include an antibiotic, pain medication, a muscle relaxer and an anti-nausea medication to be used as needed. Dr. Aya-ay and her staff will review the postoperative instructions with you at your consultation and again at your preoperative visit to assure that you are comfortable with your postoperative care.

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