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For patients who have multiple aesthetic goals that they wish to meet in a timely fashion, a mommy makeover is an excellent option. A mommy makeover is a combination of several procedures and has become a popular choice among patients. There is no “standard” mommy makeover–rather, the combination of procedures is unique to each patient, catered to fit their desired aesthetic. This can be an exceptional fit for patients looking to get quick and substantial results.

As the aesthetic medicine industry has evolved, so, in turn, has the range of options available for patients. Because of this, the mommy makeover is more effective than ever. Patients can choose a combination from a wide range of procedures to achieve their desired results and, in turn, boost their confidence and self-esteem. It is also ideal because of how much time can be saved. Rather than undergoing multiple procedures in separate sessions, patients have the opportunity to achieve major results in one session by combining procedures. In consultation with Dr. Aya-ay, patients can determine whether a mommy makeover is the option best suited to their needs.

Melanie L. Aya-ay, M.D.


Dr. Melanie Aya-ay is a board-certified plastic surgeon in Tampa Bay with over 15 years of plastic surgery experience specializing in cosmetic surgery, reconstructive breast surgery and minimally invasive techniques for facial and body rejuvenation.  She is known for her skill and excellence in revision surgery, specifically for difficult breast surgery revisions.  Dr. Aya-ay is an Allergan Medical Institute (AMI) National Trainer for Facial Aesthetics and AMI National Speaker for Plastic and Regenerative Medicine.  She is honored to be the first female surgeon to hold this dual faculty position with Allergan.

Dr. Aya-ay is the CEO and owner of Melanie L. Aya-ay, MD Plastic Surgery as well as Vivia MedSpa, an elite luxury medical spa in North Tampa.  Her practice and her team have been built on the values of honesty, integrity, education, safety, and providing comprehensive aesthetic care with natural results.  Your consultation with Dr. Aya-ay will be an educational experience so that you can be assured that you are making the choices that are best for you. Our staff will provide all the assistance needed to help you navigate through the process for a successful Plastic Surgery experience.


What is a Mommy Makeover?

A mommy makeover is a combination of several different surgical procedures that improve the female body in regard to improving specifically the changes that occurred with child bearing. Though there is no standard combination of procedures, patients often choose to include a tummy tuck and a breast augmentation or breast lift. Other procedures that are commonly included include labiaplasty and liposuction. The mommy makeover serves to restore a more youthful, vibrant, and contoured appearance to the body.

Mommy Makeover Procedure

Because the mommy makeover is a combination of surgeries, the procedure length, and process can vary greatly depending on each patient’s individual needs and goals. Patients can generally expect to receive a general anesthetic. Many mommy makeover procedures can be done as an outpatient but longer surgeries may require an overnight stay at the hospital. 

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We are dedicated to providing beautiful, natural-looing results for each of our patients. Visit our gallery to see real patient results.

Mommy Makeover Recovery and Aftercare

Recovery and aftercare can vary substantially based on the types of procedures that were performed on the patient. Patients should make transportation arrangements beforehand. Patients can expect to have limitations on activity for the first few weeks after the procedure, particularly if a tummy tuck was performed. Patients will leave the procedure with dressing/gauze, a surgical bra, and/or drainage tubes to prevent excess fluid depending on the types of procedures they underwent. Dr. Aya-ay and her staff will review the postoperative instructions with you at your consultation and again at your preoperative visit to ensure that you are comfortable with your postoperative care.

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“I am so impressed and thrilled with the results of my daughter’s breast reduction. This is truly life changing for her and the result is beautiful ! FYI- The staff at St. Joe North had nothing but good things to say about you and your work!”

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