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Lip lifts are a surgical option for patients to elevate and create a fuller-appearing upper lip and are an alternative to less permanent treatments, such as fillers. With aging the cutaneous portion of the upper lip lengthens and this resolves in a more aged appearance and less show of the front teeth as well.  The lip lift will shorten this cutaneous distance to create a more youthful appearance.  It is an excellent choice for patients who may want to add height to their upper lip, rather than volume.  A reduction in space between the lips and the nose can create a more youthful and vibrant appearance. The benefits of a lip lift include a renewed sense of confidence and self-esteem and long-lasting results for patients who do not want to utilize less permanent options.

What is a Lip Lift?

A lip lift is a surgical procedure that is typically performed in-office or it can also be performed in the OR as well especially if in conjunction with another procedure. Skin is removed at the base of the nose and a small scar will be hidden in the curves at the base of the nose.  This shortens the cutaneous length and increases the amount of visible lip mucosa, defining the lips and making them more pronounced. Some variations of the lip lift are described below.

Melanie L. Aya-ay, M.D.


Dr. Melanie Aya-ay is a board-certified plastic surgeon in Tampa Bay with over 15 years of plastic surgery experience specializing in cosmetic surgery, reconstructive breast surgery and minimally invasive techniques for facial and body rejuvenation.  She is known for her skill and excellence in revision surgery, specifically for difficult breast surgery revisions.  Dr. Aya-ay is an Allergan Medical Institute (AMI) National Trainer for Facial Aesthetics and AMI National Speaker for Plastic and Regenerative Medicine.  She is honored to be the first female surgeon to hold this dual faculty position with Allergan.

Dr. Aya-ay is the CEO and owner of Melanie L. Aya-ay, MD Plastic Surgery as well as Vivia MedSpa, an elite luxury medical spa in North Tampa.  Her practice and her team have been built on the values of honesty, integrity, education, safety, and providing comprehensive aesthetic care with natural results.  Your consultation with Dr. Aya-ay will be an educational experience so that you can be assured that you are making the choices that are best for you. Our staff will provide all the assistance needed to help you navigate through the process for a successful Plastic Surgery experience.


Lip Lift Procedure

There are several types of lip lift procedures available to patients. During your consultation, Dr. Aya-ay will help you determine which procedure will produce your desired results.

Direct Lip Lift: This procedure is sometimes referred to as the “gullwing” lip lift. This serves to create a more defined border of the lip. During the procedure, patients will have a strip of skin removed above the upper lift which will then be pulled upwards to produce a lifted effect.

Subnasal Bullhorn: During this procedure, an incision is made along the base of the nose, where it is less visible. The right, left, and center of the lip are pulled toward the nose, creating the lifted effect.

Central Lip Lift: Similar to the subnasal bullhorn, a small incision is made at the base of the nose and the skin is pulled toward the nose.

Corner Lip Lift: This procedure typically gives the face a resting appearance that more naturally resembles a smile. Incisions are made at the corners of the mouth and a minute amount of skin is removed, reversing the appearance of naturally downturned lips.

Italian Lip Lift: During this procedure, incisions are made below the nostrils and the skin is lifted toward the nose.

Patients will typically be administered a local anesthetic. Sutures will be administered at the end of the procedure.

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We are dedicated to providing beautiful, natural-looing results for each of our patients. Visit our gallery to see real patient results.

Lip Lift Recovery and Aftercare

Patients can expect to return home on the day of the procedure. A period of limited activity will be required to avoid postoperative complications. Patients should avoid sleeping on their faces or disturbing the affected area. A cleaning routine will be created in collaboration with Dr. Aya-ay. Dr. Aya-ay and her staff will review the postoperative instructions with you at your consultation and again at your preoperative visit to ensure that you are comfortable with your postoperative care.

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To learn more about lip lifts or other potential options, schedule a consultation appointment with Dr. Aya-ay. A consultation is a chance to collaborate to decide what procedure or treatment would be best suited for you and your needs. To schedule your consultation appointment, contact our Tampa office.

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