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Many patients continue to seek options that will boost their confidence and well-being, and breast lifts have become an increasingly popular option. Breast lifts can improve the shape, firmness, and elasticity of the breasts, as well as address sagging of the breasts. In consultation with Dr. Aya-ay, patients can determine whether a breast lift is the procedure best suited to their needs.

What is a Breast Lift?

Mastopexy, also known as a breast lift, is a surgery used to reshape sagging breasts and bring the nipple and areola back up to a more youthful level. With age, weight loss, and after pregnancy and nursing, the skin becomes loose and inelastic, and the tissue becomes less firm and dense. In some patients, an augmentation may be performed simultaneously with a mastopexy in order to achieve optimal results. This is known as an augmentation mastopexy.

Melanie L. Aya-ay, M.D.


Dr. Melanie Aya-ay is a board-certified plastic surgeon in Tampa Bay with over 15 years of plastic surgery experience specializing in cosmetic surgery, reconstructive breast surgery and minimally invasive techniques for facial and body rejuvenation.  She is known for her skill and excellence in revision surgery, specifically for difficult breast surgery revisions.  Dr. Aya-ay is an Allergan Medical Institute (AMI) National Trainer for Facial Aesthetics and AMI National Speaker for Plastic and Regenerative Medicine.  She is honored to be the first female surgeon to hold this dual faculty position with Allergan.

Dr. Aya-ay is the CEO and owner of Melanie L. Aya-ay, MD Plastic Surgery as well as Vivia MedSpa, an elite luxury medical spa in North Tampa.  Her practice and her team have been built on the values of honesty, integrity, education, safety, and providing comprehensive aesthetic care with natural results.  Your consultation with Dr. Aya-ay will be an educational experience so that you can be assured that you are making the choices that are best for you. Our staff will provide all the assistance needed to help you navigate through the process for a successful Plastic Surgery experience.


Breast Lift Procedure

There are many different techniques that can be used while performing a mastopexy. These techniques vary based on the extent of sagging, or ptosis, and the patient’s tissue qualities. A crescent mastopexy is used for patients with minimal ptosis and creates a small scar at the top of the nipple-areola complex. A concentric circle mastopexy can correct mild to moderate ptosis, and results in a circular scar around the areola. More extensive sagging of the breasts may require a vertical incision with or without an incision that runs along the inframammary fold, or breast crease. If the patient is a candidate for an augmentation mastopexy then an implant will be inserted into a pocket beneath the breast tissue or pectoralis muscle.

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We are dedicated to providing beautiful, natural-looing results for each of our patients. Visit our gallery to see real patient results.

Breast Lift Recovery and Aftercare

During the recovery period, the patient will have activity limitations in order to decrease the risk of postoperative complications. The patient will have a dressing in place and in many cases a surgical bra. There will be sutures in place that require suture removal. Postoperative medications may include an antibiotic, pain medication, a muscle relaxer, and anti-nausea medication to be used as needed. Dr. Aya-ay and her staff will review the postoperative instructions with you at your consultation and again at your preoperative visit to ensure that you are comfortable with your postoperative care.

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To learn more about breast lifts or other potential options, schedule a consultation appointment with Dr. Aya-ay. A consultation is a chance to collaborate to decide what procedure or treatment would be best suited for you and your needs. To schedule your consultation appointment, contact our Tampa office today.

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“Dr. Melanie Aya-ay you inspire me. You gave me my femininity and self-esteem when I had none. You gave me courage when I felt weak. You are truly more than a Dr. I will forever be grateful to you. I will remember when I was lashing out and told you I had changed my mind about the mastectomy and having reconstruction. You gave me back my power by simply stating “Do what you want”. You gave me permission to choose with that choice I felt strength. Thank you will never be enough for you.”

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