Uncover the Benefits of a Mommy Makeover in Tampa


The journey of motherhood is fantastic, but it leaves some physical changes that can be challenging to reverse with diet and exercise alone. This is where Dr. Melanie L. Aya-ay, a renowned plastic surgeon in Tampa, Florida, can help with the transformative power of a Mommy Makeover.

What is a Mommy Makeover?

A Mommy Makeover is a popular term for a personalized combination of cosmetic procedures designed to help mothers regain their pre-baby body. This typically includes a mix of tummy tucks, breast augmentations, and liposuction, but Dr. Melanie L. Aya-ay tailors each procedure according to the individual’s desires and needs.

Tummy Tuck

A tummy tuck is a surgical procedure designed to reshape and tighten the abdomen by removing excess skin and fat. During the procedure, an incision is typically made from hip to hip, excess skin and fat are removed, and the underlying muscles are tightened to create a firmer, smoother abdominal profile. While it’s not a substitute for weight loss or an alternative to exercise, a tummy tuck can dramatically contour the midsection.

Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation enhances the size and shape of the breasts by placing implants beneath the breast tissue or chest muscles to increase volume and improve symmetry. Women may opt for breast augmentation due to dissatisfaction with breast size, asymmetry, or changes in breast appearance following pregnancy, weight loss, or aging. The procedure offers customizable options regarding implant type, size, and placement, allowing individuals to achieve more natural results. 


Liposuction is designed to remove localized fat deposits from specific areas of the body, such as the abdomen, thighs, buttocks, hips, arms, or chin. By inserting a thin tube through small incisions in the skin, liposuction breaks up and suctions out excess fat cells. Liposuction is not intended as a weight loss solution or a substitute for a healthy lifestyle but rather as a means to address stubborn fat that may be resistant to diet and exercise.

Breast Lift

A breast lift is designed to raise and reshape sagging breasts by removing excess skin and tightening the surrounding tissue to create a more youthful and uplifted breast contour. The surgery can also reduce the size of the areola if it has become enlarged over time. Women often seek this procedure after significant weight loss, pregnancy, breastfeeding, or due to the natural effects of aging.


Labiaplasty focuses on altering the size and shape of the labia minora and/or labia majora. This procedure is often sought by women experiencing discomfort, irritation, or self-consciousness due to elongated or asymmetrical labia. The surgery typically involves reducing and reshaping the labial tissues to achieve a more balanced and desired appearance, enhancing both functional comfort and personal confidence.

Reclaim Your Confidence with a Mommy Makeover

A significant benefit of a Mommy Makeover is improved self-confidence. As a new mom, you deserve to feel great inside out. New moms have their lives flipped upside down, and staying connected to themselves and their confidence can be challenging in such times of massive changes.

However, by undergoing a procedure solely focused on helping you feel like yourself again, a Mommy Makeover can leave you feeling excellent without daily maintenance. In just one surgery, you can restore the features most impacted by pregnancy and childbirth, ultimately renewing your self-confidence.

Professional Service, Local Convenience

Our office is conveniently located at 324 S. Hyde Park Ave, Suite 325, Tampa, Florida. Our warm team will welcome you into a supportive environment as Dr. Aya-ay walks you through the makeover process. 

Harnessing her years of experience, Dr. Aya-ay will make suggestions based on your body type, genetic factors, and lifestyle to achieve the most natural results. With strong attention to detail, Melanie L. Aya-ay, MD, ensures each procedure brings out the patients’ unique beauty, helping women reclaim their bodies and boost their confidence post-childbirth. 

Ready to Spring into Confidence?

If you’re ready to discover the benefits of a Mommy Makeover by a trusted surgeon in Tampa Bay, Florida, visit our website and fill out the online contact form or call us at (813) 434-1620 to schedule a consultation. Let’s spring forward to a new season of confidence, improving your quality of life by improving your self-esteem.

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